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------------------------------------------------------------------- RHYME I:- The game is on yo, and damn its hot/ Im tha Notorious HBK son, who forgot?/ Im the wickedest/ Niggaz say Im pussy?/ I dare ya to stick your dick in this/ If I was pussy I'd be filled with syphillis/ Herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, gettin rid of ya/ HBK got it locked like penitentiary/ peep the word illiterate in the dictionary/ Im runnin things like a broken elevator/ Cuz ya get hit wit 2, like a pair/ did I say broken elevator? Damn nigga, take the stairs/ My lyrics are hot, fresh and fast/ Im droppin bombs over baghdad just like outkast/ I got a 3 and a 9, just like the Dominator/ Say wha? You dont know him? cmon son, he a buffalo sabre/ Im the master and no, not the bater/ Cuz niggaz know its judgement day, like T2: The Terminator/ Call me playa/ I love to lay the smackdown on a hater/ Nigga I dont need no stand, I aint sellin lemonade/ I just want the loot to trade for my escalade/ You know you just jealous cuz the game you cant play/ Peoples is mad cuz I get more butt than ash trays/ So I spoke my mind in this quick flow/ All of ya'll know the best thing/ Is just not to fuck wit me yo --------------------------------------------------------------------
RHYME II:- The Notorious one makes his triumphent return/ Thats the red light for niggaz to be like Forrest and RUN BABY RUN/ So in this lyrical encounter you cannot win/ The top 10 become 9 dead if I ever decide to hop in/ With a 1-2, 1-2 shot to the chin/ Knock you out like 10 shots of vodka and gin/ Just call out the HBK and Ill leave your DNA on the curb/ Stick my dick in your ear and fuck what ya heard/ Its your lyrics that Im gonna blow up, just like some pus/ And give you a 100-dollar gift certificate to pussie 'r us/ Now lets get physical, my jiggable pie/ and let this lyrical guy scuba dive right between your thighs/ I satisfy like a snickers bar/ and Imma hit you up quicker than a spic'll strip your car/ I'll battle you on the net or right here in the flesh/ I'll battle you over the phone, nigga you can call me collect/ At least 1000 degrees Celcius I make you emcees melt/ Fuck any record label, Im here courtesy of myself/ The intellectual athelete accurately rappin so rapidly/ plus I make perfect sense mathematically/ Rhymes ricochet off the inner walls of my lungs/ and come out my mouth faster than bullets from guns/ You just know you cant fuck with this much/ Gimme a full body massage and I STILL cant be touched/ Ive got millions of styles and Ive mastered them all/ Like a metaphor matador thats got you running into walls/ Fuck you and your lyrics, they don't impress me/ Im an emcee so ill I got AIDS scared to catch ME/ Now to end this shit its clocked for school time/ So no matter how hard you try I will never die/ I'll just retaliate with hate and multiply... --------------------------------------------------------------------
RHYME III:- Ya peoples aint serious right now/ Im the lightweight champion of lyrical encounters/ With flows sicker and iller than pesticides to your garden flowers/ Im far from being God/ But I work god damn Hard/ Just like DMX and Jigga-Man, I got Money, Cash, Hoes/ But take out the Hoes and replace them with my ill prose/ Or better yet, put in some Power/ Kids mentality is at a higher level than the Sears Tower/ Gimme a few years, Imma be drivin that beam'/ Its tha Notorious H.B.K...a Requiem for A dream/ Im right under the best/ Better than the rest/ The Levels I flew by are ones Evil Kanieval wouldnt even dare try/ You aint ready to work out with this fly jiggable boy/ your flow is brain on drugs, mine is Rap on steroids/ Bring yourself and your whole goddamn crew that aint real/ Anks is like Zeus, and youre just tha Achilles Heel/ Im the illest MC in the atmosphere, the total soul controller/ Chillin here in Buffalo, do that make me a Buffalo soldier?/ I follow the Code of Honor like a real man oughtta/ Never disrespect my women cuz I love my momma/ You love it when I say that? Trust me I got plenty more/ Its like a revolving door, keep goin in circles, but comin right back to Ankur/ Like a bird without wings whos kids it'll run to protect/ I waited for my babygirl, never one thought of defect/ I feel like the Number One Target, but Im just gettin started/ I got plenty to offer, a plethora if you will/ Anks is better than ecstasy, but he dont come in a pill/ Try a little harder like tha HBK to ball and you'll do just like Anks for babygirl.... end up speechless and fall. Im ridin for this like Fabolous and Ja Rule/ The Notorious teaser that be makin them girls drool/ Finally "Im Foooocused" just like Jay-Z/ Even got ODB sayin GOD DAMN Anks...Nigga please............ -------------------------------------------------------------------- RHYME IV:- Be ready and at your best/ The lyrical match of death/ Heart snatched through your chest causing cardiac arrest/ Every word I say detach a vertebrae from your spine/ Rematch the Anks? Bring it playa...Anyplace...anytime/ Youll get smacked with a rhyme/ Ill push your forehead to the back of your mind/ My ill prose bounce off the inner me, even hit my pituitary/ Got me callin up the newspaper for your lyrical obituary/ Your flows are weak and real real rancid/ Anks is more complicated than an Aliens Deoxyribonucleic Acid/ Anks'll wreck want beef from the vegetarian/ When we battle, Ill make your knees bump like Nancy Kerrigan/ Proceed to flow and creep theres no need to sleep/ Im nocturnal/ I got your head dividing faster than a calculus convention/ And Imma leave you schooled like after school detention/ Slow that ass down..dont go and be be hasty/ Im glad you decided to face me/ But you better be pumpin diesel instead of bench-pressing daisys/ Watch me transform into a super emcee spittin the truth/ With super vocals quicker than Clark Kent could get to that phone booth/ Call in the reinforcements cuz this is like battling the 100 horseman/ Leave you turning and tossing with rough crazy tussles/ Ive got jigsaw like flows and strong jaw muscles/ Anks has tabs on every corner of this planet/ And he uses mental and lyrical amnesia at opportunities to do damage Anks is wonderin what should he do?/ Should he be like Mr. T and PITY DA FOO/ Im the greatest scientifically inclined mind since Einstein/ I write rugged rhymes that can freeze up time/ Everyones knows Im as real as they come and I aint a faker/ My rhymes are more rugged than Schwarteznegger AND the Terminator/ This is straight up hardcore, straight out of my hearts core/ Like Principles, Laws and Formulas drawn up on chalkboards/ Ill respond quicker than onboard computers logged onto On Star/ its En Garde baby..take 10 lyrical breaths and draw/ I'd give you a 6 Star salute and let lyrical life go on/ Gotta stay POSITIVE baby just like them PROTONS/ Before I battle total strangers I make them sign disclaimers/ To make sure they aware of the upcoming danger/ Lyrics are comin out without any feels/ How you gonna ride that lyrical bike when it aint got no wheels?/ Look at your rhymes/ The deceptacons wouldnt DARE touch this lyrical Optimus Prime/ Its like youre living in Stone Age times/ Watch out for Fred, Barney and little Bam Bam/ My rhymes are quicker than Missy's one-minute man/ Ready to Ryde or Die like DMX/ Mya wont ever make a sequal for Anks in the Case of tha Ex/ Only way you'll wear me out is by puttin my name on your pain/ And Anks its like Sprint or Motorola/ NO SERVICE and outta your range/ My slooooooow flows are remarkable/and dont forget ambiguously deliciously malicious/ Just like Jay-Z, I'd sell cool in the summer and ice down in hell/ Im a more rugged hustler baby/ I'd sell remedies to your diseased cells/ Make you lose it all like your computer just got hacked/ Anks it livin it up baby/ Like Blue-Eyed Sinatra wit tha old Ratpack/ Tryin to smoke wit tha Anks is like a 100 dollar blunt/ Add 5180 feet and you'll have a mile to go front/ And then theres my Canadian niggaz aka tha canucks/ Yall be keepin it real, I know you dont give a fruuuuuuuuck/ Just face the bare facts/ I took off like Air Max/ Guarentee you never seen this before/ Slam you down like tha rugged Hammer of Thor/ Anks is chillin but still raisin up the level of raw/ Im packin more lyrical heat than a hot over door/ Touch me and hear the sizzle before you go hit the floor/ Like Juveniles 2nd Album Im 500 Degreez/ If you dont like my ish then you can grab onto these/ YO, what u tryin to grab down south for?/ Do I really look like a easy, dirty male hoar?/ When I said said grab on these I meant my ice, yeah these jewels/ So laissez-faire...HANDS OFF FOOLS/ Like MC Hammer you know cant touch this/ Ill make all your knees' weak/ Ill shatter the sexy records, do more damage than Nsyncs sales in their first week/ Sorry but I just put you in the lyrical dunce seat/ Call up the lyrical obituaries cuz your ass is deceased........... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A freestyle from Zgrrrrl...its tight
Grammatical disturbance/ Interference in tha atmosphere/ Mic static but my perseverance rings twice as clear without fear/ In reverence tha obvious impatience of my endevorance/ Is my ďall for oneĒ notion, like tha 4th musketeer/ I got potion for every fiendish mutineer that sets itself in motion/ I didnít load tha gat just to watch u smoke me with a spear/ Son once again commotionz drawn me near in my galaxy/ Space Cowgirl as my fallacy/ My faith is just weak enuff to leave me caught up in a fantasy/ With light-saber swordsman, im formin an alliance/ Tha holiest defiance, intervals of compliance with tha Most High/ Like a common kitchen appliance I boast my use/ Is most often a necessity of life, engraved like tha crown of thorns on my heart/ Im torn apart by tha consistence of immaturity worn by my superiority/ I mourn for those who go before me, incomplete in my destiny/ I repeat tha question to His answer like Jeopardy thatz what im in/ Every time I compare myself to my pre-born biographical twin/ As written in Isaiah, fore-ordained of a Maker, a majestic mediator/ Between tha pre-written and tha final draft by my empathetic dictator/ And what can stand in my way? as was said by tha Creator Esa Montana se movera, and left behind it a quaver...

Notorious H.B.K.
Buffalo, New York